My own poison
You want to know what is fucking sad.


I sit here waiting for him to come home I'm always waiting is 4.30am and no call since 11 still at work! But I'm not a thought.

I'm so so so sad I can't stop crying and the sick dead feeling inside of me hurts like when your at the top of a roller coaster just before you go over the top.

I know what he is doing he is walking around managing, drinking I bet He will smell the alcohol when he walks in the door.

I'm so lonely and it's my life I wake up I go to work I come home I sleep I see him all of 3 maybe 4 if I'm lucky hours a day. It's not enough just sleeping next to each other.

I'm so sad.

I feel sick I want to punch smash things scream drink I don't know!

I'm not happy!

And before you say it I know you will say leave, be happy but nothing compares to him.

He is my soulmate!

And I will die loving him.

If the loneliness doesn't kill me first.

The only thing that I can count on is MIA


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